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 Arbitration Services

Arbitration is an ADR process in which the parties to a dispute select a neutral decision maker (the Arbitrator). The Arbitrator listens to the evidence and arguments presented by the parties and then renders a decision. The parties may agree prior to the Arbitration whether the decision will be binding or non binding. Arbitration is a quicker and more cost-effective alternative to court. We assist disputants to structure an Arbitration process in ways that simplify processing the case and saves valuable time. With Arbitration you can have a decision within a month rather than years. If you succeed in court, that may not conclude the matter because the other side may appeal the decision to a higher court. However, parties to an Arbitration may agree that there will be no appeals from an Arbitrator`s decision thus providing the finality that the parties are seeking. The court process is one size fits all. The Arbitration process is flexible. We can adapt the process to the needs of the dispute and those involved in it. Arbitration is typically private. It is open to the parties to an Arbitration to agree up front that the Arbitration hearing and decision are both confidential. Unlike the court process which can be damaging to business and other relationships, Arbitration can help to preserve relationships. While any third party decision-making process can put a strain on relationships, an Arbitration can enhance the chances of preserving important relationships.

Mediation-Arbitration (Med-Arb)

This is a hybrid ADR process or a combination of Mediation and Arbitration. The parties to a dispute agree to have the neutral third party attempt to mediate the dispute.  If agreement cannot be reached between the parties, the third party becomes an arbitrator, hears evidence, and renders a decision.