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Investigation and Fact-Finding

Whether the complaint has come from outside your organization or within, there is growing pressure on management to properly handle reported conflict within the workplace (i.e. harassment). Many organizations face challenges when responding promptly, appropriately, and in accordance with the law. CRS Atlantic provides a variety of investigative and fact-finding services to face these issues head-on. As goal-oriented problem solvers, our efficient workplace investigations will ensure that you are completely aware of the situation at hand. We will review the complaint, meet with management, conduct interviews with the involved parties, consult your policies, assist you in meeting your legal obligations, and arriving at an appropriate resolution.

Increasingly, the courts are imposing obligations on organizations to investigate and respond to conflict and allegations of wrongdoing within the workplace and to protect employees. Human Rights legislation, anti-harassment policies and the expectation for a safe and respectful workplace require organizations to do their due diligence. A failure to deal with employee complaints and to conduct an appropriate workplace investigation can be a significant source of liability for an organization.