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Mediation, Charlottetown PEI Canada

Mediation is a process in which disputing parties engage the services of a neutral third party to assist them in reaching their own mutually satisfactory resolution to a dispute.

Often the presence of a neutral third party can be essential in resolving conflict. CRS Atlantic will impartially listen to all sides, facilitate and foster open and constructive communication, and assist disputing parties in reaching mutually agreeable solutions. As a neutral facilitator, CRS Atlantic will work with clients to clarify issues, identify interests, facilitate understanding and dialogue, help to generate positive and lasting outcomes for resolution.

The benefits of Mediation include:

Cost effective – organizations can minimize costs of dispute resolution
Quick – process may take one day or less
More satisfactory outcomes for parties- since agreement is jointly negotiated, this results in more satisfaction and better adherence to agreements
Flexible – solutions are not limited by precedent/law and can be tailored to the individual situation
Non-confrontational – can preserve and improve relationships
Private and confidential – avoids public disclosure
Mediation works. In Canada and the United States, experience has shown that about 90% of cases in Mediation settle on the first day. An additional 10% settle within a month of the initial Mediation session.

Mediation may be appropriate when:

  • Parties want to preserve a valuable relationship
  • There is a limited number of parties
  • Legal costs are disproportionate to the amount of money in dispute
  • Delay resulting from litigation would be unacceptable
  • A tailored/complex solution is needed
  • Issues involved are sensitive, confidential, emotional or personal
  • Mediation can successfully be used to resolve disputes in any area or any type of conflict

CRS Atlantic has over twenty years experience in Mediation and has successfully mediated disputes in the following areas:

Civil Litigation Matters, Commercial/Contract Issues, Negligence Claims, Personal Injury Claims, Insurance Law, Labour & Employment Law, Family Law, Workplace/ Organizational Conflict, Harassment and Discrimination Complaints, Human Rights, Debtor-Creditor Issues, Financial and Banking Disputes, Property & Estate Law, Agricultural and Environmental, Municipal Law, Indigenous Law, Construction/Engineering Disputes, Healthcare Conflict, Professional Discipline Matters, and Class-Action Institutional Abuse and Systemic Harassment and Discrimination Claims.